Additional Services

We offer a number of services to help make the transition to using ResourceAce smoother and to also enhance the program for your own agency to add options that go beyond the standard features.

Migration Services

Are you currently using another program at your agency? Are all your contacts in Microsoft Outlook or Excel spreadsheets? Are you worried about having to type all this data all over agin into ResourceAce? Don’t worry, ask us about our migration services. We’ll work with you to move your data out of whatever program it’s in now and copy it into ResourceAce so you can be up and running with your existing data in no time.

Program Customization

We know that it’s hard to make a “one program fits all”. Even with all the amazing and useful features in ResourceAce your agency may still require it to do more. ResourceAce was built with expansion and customization in mind. If your agency needs some features that are “out of the box” then please contact us and we will work with you to add those additional features to your copy of ResourceAce to have it work just the way you need it to for your agency. It has room for up to five addition sections and that is just the beginning, so the possibilities are endless!

Additional Training

ResourceAce comes with one day of onsite training plus and administrators guide, users guide , and built in help system but even all this is not enough for some people. If you would like additional in person or web based training please contact us and we would be happy to work with you to arrange a special training for you and your staff to help you get the most out of ResourceAce.