Sales Information

Okay, now for all the nitty gritty details. This page contains all the fine details about the computers and software you’ll need to run ResourceAce as well as the cost of the program.

ResourceAce Costs

Purchase Price: Please contact us. Estimates provided prior to purchase.
Installation and Training: $1,000/day (Typically requires 1 to 4 days depending location and size of agency. Additional travel expenses may also be incurred)
Annual Support Package: Not required but HIGHLY recommended. Used for ongoing training, customization and general technical support.  Usually works out to $100 to $150 a month billed annually.

* The cost to purchase all needed computer hardware and the FileMaker Pro software are separate but we can help you with the purchase of FileMaker Pro at the time you order ResourceAce or you can purchase it from your own sources. We recommend your agency purchase a Volume License Agreement (VLA) with has 5 user minimum to reduce cost and make installation easier.

Hardware Requirements

ResourceAce requires a dedicated computer acting as a database server to share the system with all users and provide daily backups. This computer can be either a Windows or Macintosh run locally or you can choose to host the program in the cloud. Users of ResourceAce can also be on either Windows or Macintosh systems to access the program or a combination of both on the same network.

*Windows Server: Windows Server 2012 r2 or better. 8GB RAM 250GB drive or larger. We recommend HP Micro Servers which are a low cost entry level server which will serve most agencies very well for many years.

*Macintosh Server:  We recommend a current Mac Mini or iMac for your Mac server. In general due to more robust and faster hardware we recommend Windows servers for onsite hosting.

*Cloud Server:  We recommend FMPHost for cloud hosting of ResourceAce. They have good prices and great support. 

*Windows Users:  Windows 7 Pro 64 bit or later 4GB RAM or better. Screen with 1280 x1024 resolution or better recommended
*Macintosh Users: Mac OS 10.12 or later 4GB RAM or better. Screen with 1280 x1024 resolution or better recommended

Software Requirements

In addition to the operating systems stated above, ResourceAce requires FileMaker Pro 16 Server and FileMaker Pro 16 as it’s not compatible with earlier versions. It can be purchased with ResourceAce or acquired separately if you wish. No other third party software such as web browsers, Microsoft Office or internet connections are required to run ResourceAce.