Thank for you taking the time to learn more about ResourceAce. ResourceAce is a data management program designed to allow your family based social service agency to track the families you serve and services you provide. It has been developed specifically to meet the needs of these types of agencies. There simply isn’t a better program available to address the needs of family resource and similar non-profit agencies.

Some of the key features of ResourceAce that set it apart from other programs are:

  • Clear and Consistent interface that is easy to use and understand
  • Customizable side navigation bar for each user
  • No field length limitations for text based data entry
  • All fields are searchable without restrictions
  • Built in help system and support request system
  • All lists and reports have the option to be saved as PDF files and emailed
  • Full audit trail to keep track of logins, record deletions, and field level changes
  • Very good value compared to the other options available

Until now there hasn't been and easy to use, full featured, cost effective program to manage family resource agencies. Developed with input from agencies just like yours, ResourceAce is the complete solution to manage, monitor, and report on all your agencies activities.

With ResourceAce you will be able to easily and quickly report to your funders and donors on the effectiveness of the services you provide and the impact you are making on the lives of the families you serve.