ResourceAce is built upon the FileMaker 10 database platform which is the number one  selling cross-platform (Windows and Macintosh) relational desktop database today. This platforms low cost, legendary easy of use and rich graphical user interface make it the ideal database program for Family Resource Agencies.

One of the primary strengths of the FileMaker platform is that it’s a self contained system and doesn’t require you to know multiple technologies to support and maintain a solution. Many other systems require a separate back end database (usually Microsoft SQL), a separate front end data entry interface program (web browser or similar) and often a third party reporting utility (i.e. Crystal Reports) to make a complete system. This architecture not only makes these systems much more costly but also far more complicated for your agency to use and maintain.

FileMaker based systems on the other hand are built using a single platform that is easy to use and maintain which keeps costs down and productivity up. ResourceAce can easily scale from 5 concurrent users all the way to 999 users making it ideally suited for agencies of any size. The database server has built in backup procedures which run as often as needed to insure that your data is always secure and restoration of data (if needed) is only minutes away.

In addition, when required, changes to ResourceAce can be made in real time allowing for immediate productivity gains resulting in greater efficiency and less down time. For these reasons and many others, you can be confident that there is no better platform in its price range that will yield faster, more stable and reliable results then a FileMaker based agency management system.