At ResourceAce we recognize the need to keep your data safe and secure. This is accomplished not only by how the program is accessed but also on how it has been designed.

Access Security

ResourceAce operates in a "client server" environment with FileMaker server directly sharing the files without relying on the normal Windows or Macintosh file sharing services. This means the system files are never exposed to end users and are ONLY accessible using the FileMaker Pro client software making them much more secure and tamper resistant.

ResourceAce Security Features

ResourceAce incorporates a number of easy to use and effective security features (many of which you can configure yourself) to protect your data at all times. These include:

  • Account name and password combination required for access
  • Menu system limits access to potentially destructive commands (i.e. “Delete all records”)
  • User customizable navigation toolbar allows only authorized people access to each section
  • An administer screen in most modules to restrict access to specific fields or functions on each record

In additional to all this, ResourceAce utilizes a full audit trail to keep track of who has made changes or deleted information in the system allowing you to quickly track down who changed what and when.

With ResourceAce you can be confident that your data is not only secure but is also being monitored to insure the highest degree of integrity and traceability.